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The concept of cloud computing: a view from the user

On July 17 the U.S. was launched cloud service OnLive, providing an opportunity to play modern games, even at the most basic equipment. Technically, this is as follows: the game itself is on a remote server, and there is processing of graphics, which for the end user enters already in the simple technologies. Those calculations, which during normal game running on your computer graphics card and processor, there have already been implemented on the server and your computer is only used as a monitor.

Cloud computing - a new paradigm, which assumes a distributed and remote processing and storage. Cloud - this is nothing like a large data center. In the case of OnLive in this data center to store files , and it is there to do all the computing operations. This means that automatically removes all the problems with the computer's performance and the amount of free space on hard drive. In addition, there is no need to pay quite a lot of money just for the product that you do not necessarily have to like. Мost games do not want to go again, so it turns out that the cost of a few hours ,fun - is unreasonably high. You would pay a certain small fixed amount each month, which would allow you to play without restrictions in any of the available games. That's what invites OnLive.

Another gaming service, which also offers a rich online functionality and is related to cloud technologies - Xbox Live. The essence of the service that the owners of the Xbox 360 and a PDA running Windows Phone 7 can play with each other in computer games and chat, as well as buying new games, add-ones and a variety of multimedia content in an online store. Thus, Xbox Live creates a kind of virtual universe for gamers, whose components are not located on the console end users, and in the cloud. However, unlike OnLive, Xbox Live does not imply the processing of audiovisual content, removing the need to purchase the console / handheld. But the main thing - and he and the other services we offer games as a service. Now imagine that this is not about games, but about software. That is, you do not pay for the product itself and for specific functions / features that you provide the product.

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